Protect and preserve the assets in your real estate portfolio. Our products work like magic but it's really chemistry that makes them so effective. Watts Removal's products are designed to remove, restore and rejuvenate surfaces defaced by graffiti of all kinds as well as paint & adhesive overspray, oil & grease, rust stains, mildew, algae & more. And, they work on virtually any surface found on buildings and other structures—brick, concrete, stone, cement pavers, asphalt, painted & unpainted metal, wood, aluminum, plastic and glass.

If buildings in your portfolio happen to use Sherwin-Williams Coil Coatings metal panels, rest assured knowing that only our products have been rigorously tested and approved by Sherwin-Williams Labs. 

In addition to being extremely easy to use, Watts Removal Products are made in America and are formulated to be environmentally friendly.