Who We Work With


Over the years, we've supplied removal products and provided cleaning guidance to a myriad of organizations. As a result, we understand the organizational layers, nuances and needs of these entities because of our experience working with them.

For instance, there are many departments inside municipalities and school districts and we've worked with them all! Each with its own set of responsibilities, our range of safe, effective products is used daily to clean markings—manmade or otherwise—off fences, parking meters, signs, painted surfaces, metal, brick, stone and concrete! And, as a bonus, all our products are environmentally friendly with no phosphates, they're biodegradable and VOC compliant.

Watts Removal Products community outreach with volunteers


The range of Watts Removal Products is a great addition to paint and cleaning departments in hardware and paint stores. 

Our product line is also the perfect compliment to distributors of cleaning and janitorial supplies. We offer wholesale pricing to accommodate this business model. 

WRP on the shelf in a paint store

Contact us to schedule a demo or order a Sample Pack today to try our products, because seeing is believing!