Crossover™ Graffiti Remover

Crossover™ Graffiti Remover

Remove permanent markers (which have impregnated or left a stain) from painted surfaces, plastics, pre-cast concrete, granite, terrazzo, stone and marble. This product is extremely effective—many times you won't believe what you see! We guarantee it's effectiveness!

Crossover™ is a biodegradable product used for the removal of ink stains on smooth or porous surfaces. It can be used with Bare Brick or Sensitive Surface Graffiti Removers after graffiti has been dissolved. 

Removes approximately 1000 square feet per gallon when used in conjunction with Walkoff™ or Cleansweep™ graffiti removers.

Crossover was formerly known as Feltpen Fadeout Graffiti Remover.