Cleansweep® 20oz Refillable Spray Can
Cleansweep® 20oz Refillable Spray Can

Cleansweep® 20oz Refillable Spray Can

Cleansweep® is for fast and non-damaging removal of spray can paints, permanent markers, wax crayons, ballpoint pens, sticker residue, oil and latex over spray, paint spill stains, scuff marks, pollution, severe grease and grime, smoke damage and more.

IDEAL FOR USE ON: Painted and coated surfaces, including signs, whiteboards, restroom walls, playground structures, vehicles/equipment, powder coat, plastics, clear acrylics and many more.

Conveniently packaged in a 20oz can with optional trigger sprayer.  Non-pressurized bottle can be refilled.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 4 reviews
Works well

Need to let it soak in. We sprayed it on adhesive wrappers on painted gazebo aluminum panels that were in the sun for 3 years. Took awhile but eventually were able to remove it. Patience is key!

Sean Hagan
Worked as advertised

Great product had overspray on metal roof came off with ease

Joe Dan Davis

Haven’t received it

Peggy Barr
Clean sweep - Problem solved

I was turned on to clean sweep by a City of Portland graffiti removal employee . He was doing his job by my bar and I approached him to find out what the city used . Finally I now have what really works after trying several brands that just didn’t do the job . Wish there were Cleansweep brigades in Portland .