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Why Watts Removal Products?

The Watts Removal Products brand is a byproduct from working in the field. Paul Watts, the founder of Watts Removal Products, has been removing graffiti for two decades with his other company, Graffiti Removal Services. For the past few years, we've been working with municipalities, parks and recreation departments, maintenance professionals, property management companies, and contractors. We provide the most effective and environmentally-friendly products on the market.

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Product Training & Information

On all our product packaging we have QR Codes to link to how to use our products.... Our products are easy to use, but knowing how to use them properly will yield more productive results. We have How-To videos to show you the way...
How-To Videos:
Using Cleansweep® to remove graffiti:

Using Walkoff® to remove graffiti on brick, stone and concrete:

Using Crossover® to remove biological growth:

Real-world Case Study

Request a Cleansweep® Wipes Demo Kit

A Watts Removal demo kit is a convenient way to see Cleansweep Wipes in action. The kit comes with three wipes, gloves and a cloth along with piece of metal with a graffiti marking on it. Use the kit for training your sales team! Use the link to email us for your demo kits. 

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Safety Data Sheets (SDS)

Cleansweep SDS

Cleansweep Wipes SDS

Walkoff SDS

Crossover SDS

Knockout SDS

PowerPlay SDS

The Closer SDS

Off The Wall SDS

Anti-Graffiti Coating SDS

Technical Data Sheets (TDS)

Cleansweep (including Cleansweep Wipes) TDS

Walkoff TDS

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Cleansweep Sell Sheet

Walkoff Sell Sheet

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